The Plan

We approach development in a different way. We purposefully chose a property that was inevitably going to be developed and likely destroyed by conventional development practices. Canopy’s master plan will build a community in and around the landscape without disturbing it. We are leveraging development and building practices that restore, preserve and protect the land.

Our land planning allows space for homes and recreation but preserves and protects the river corridor. We retain 60% of the land for green space and active living while maintaining the ecological balance of the Ozarks streams and forests.

We conserve energy through smart home design. We minimize environmental impact with small building footprints. We improve water quality with better stormwater management. We plant new native plants and trees and remove invasive species.

Meanwhile, we preserve an outdoor oasis for all to enjoy.

   River and Greenway Trail Access

   Mountain Bike Trails

   Hiking Trails and Cycling Routes

   Fitness Park 

   Wildlife Viewing and Nature Preserve

   Connectivity to Parks

   Proximity to the City

   Edible Landscapes and Gardens

   Nature-based Playgrounds

   Riparian River Corridor

   Guest Yurts and Campsites

   Green-based Home Designs

   Community Gathering Sites

   Riverside Park 


Grant Williams – VOX Landscaping
David Yocca – Solutions in the Land

The Lifestyle

The Canopy lifestyle is easy to enjoy—nature is right on your doorstep, and neighbors are just across the way.

Spending time in the outdoors, relishing nature’s goodness, respecting others and restoring the land are key values to the Canopy lifestyle. Community, wellness and physical activity are all important to our residents.

Embrace the Canopy lifestyle by walking the trails, mountain biking, enjoying the river and watching wildlife. Harvest nature’s bounty or grow your own food to share on your table or a neighbor’s. Relax around a campfire with your friends. Attend a workshop, concert or theatrical event right here in the forest—all are part of the Canopy Lifestyle.

Nature is our playground. We restore it, we grow with it, and we make it our home.  We welcome you to join us.

The Collaborators

We pride ourselves on the partnerships we’ve built with these incredible local organizations that share our focus on a healthy lifestyle enriched by natural assets and recreational activities. 

The Team

Meet the dreamers behind Canopy—an architect and landscape designer from the Ozarks who practically live outside.

JJ Hetherington

JJ is a designer and builder with more than 25 years of experience. In 1998, he graduated from Drury University with a degree in architecture and has been designing ever since. His focus is not on the size of the development, but designing homes that inspire and innovate. In his free time, J.J. enjoys cycling, hiking and fly fishing—really anything that involves spending time outdoors.

Clint Harlan

Clint started his entrepreneurial adventure in 1995 after graduating with a construction management degree. He has a passion for merging outdoor architecture and landscape design to create functional and pleasing outdoor areas as extensions of the home. Most of all, though, Clint enjoys the journey. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast who loves all sorts of land- and water-based activities. 

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